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The Gearinger Law Group helped a 23-year Navy veteran obtain overdue benefits. Specifically, the Navy owed our client $1,585.22 for her service on the Funeral Honor Detail for 13 Navy funerals. We wrote directly to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on April 12, 2020. (See the link to our April 12 letter to Secretary Esper.) Within days of our letter, the office of Congressman Mike Thompson contacted our client to confirm payment details. A few days later, our client received the entire amount that the Navy owed her.

When our client thanked us for our efforts, she noted that we accomplished in one letter what she had not been able to accomplish for over one year with numerous telephone calls and emails. We were reminded of watching television in the 1970s when we heard the oft-repeated disclaimer immediately before Evel Knievel appeared on The Wide World of Sports for a death-defying motorcycle jump. “Don’t try this at home kids. Evel Knievel is a trained professional.” Likewise, we are trained professionals when it comes to getting organizations from insurance companies, public entities, and even the United States Navy to pay our clients what they deserve.

At ease, Sailor! Thank you for your ongoing service. (The Gearinger Law Group performed this service pro bono in recognition of our client’s many sacrifices on behalf of our country.)

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